City Roads Toy Car Play Mat – tinyfeats

City Roads Toy Car Play Mat

The City Roads Activity Mat for Hotwheels or Matchbox cars is a great educational toy for toddlers and helps them develop and refine their fine motor skills and imaginative play. 

This quiet mat features:

❤︎ Pop-Up Freestanding Overpass
❤︎ Pop-Up Car Wash with Bubbles!
❤︎ Rotating Traffic Light
❤︎ Gas Station with Real Gas Nozzle Charm
❤︎ Repair Garage with Real Tool Charms and Retracting Door
❤︎ 3 Storage Pockets to keep Roadster Racers, Hotwheels or Matchbook Cars in
❤︎ Over 8 feet of soft felt road to cruise on

Super fun and travel-friendly this roll out quiet book activity mat is perfect for boys and girls age 2 to 5 and makes a great Birthday gift.