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Stacking Rings Quiet Book Page

Stacking Rings Quiet Book Page

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Help develop baby's fine motor skills with this soft felt, baby stacking rings quiet book page. This re-invented take on the classic wood baby stacker toy, is fantastic activity that can help build their muscles and hone their hand eye coordination (visual motor connection).
BUT best of all its made from soft felt that bounces off of hardwood floors and doesnt hurt if it gets thrown.

HOW TO PLAY: Unsnap the elastic strap and remove stacking rings from pocket. Snap together the purple snaps on the yellow half circle to form the base stacking cone. Show baby how to place rings over the cone, starting with the largest and placing the smaller circles on top. Have fun discovering the different sizes and colors together. When you're finished playing, remove rings, unsnap cone, place rings in the pocket and snap the elastic strap shut.

🎉 BONUS Activities too! The back of the page features a raised felt number 5 , show the child how to trace the digit it with their fingers. This activity will help build the muscles they need to learn how to write the abc's.

TEACHES: Fine Motor Skills, Hand Eye Co-Ordination, Spatial Reasoning
AGES: for baby girls and boys age 1 - 2 years old, but 18 months old seems to be the sweet spot for this page

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>> The "ACTIVITY PAGE" option includes the Stacking Rings Page only
>> The "SET OF 2 PAGES" option includes the Stacking Rings Page and the I Can Spell My Name pages, but no book cover.
>> The "BOOK WITH 2 PAGES" option includes a personalized Aqua colored book cover AND, 2 activity pages ( Stacking Rings & I Can Spell My Name ). If you choose this option don't forget to include the child's name in a message at checkout so we can personalize the book before we ship it out to you.

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Michelle Bartoletti
4 stars review from Michelle

4 stars review from Michelle

Kim Bergnaum
5 stars review from Kim

5 stars review from Kim

Theresa Reichert
Repeat customer, gift for my nephew. The p...

Repeat customer, gift for my nephew. The parents wanted another for the youngest baby. Plan to reorder again once I start having children. Of note, the donut stacker top piece may not fully fit on top without adjustment of the felt. Cute and creative innovation