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Quiet Book for Baby

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The best First Birthday present for a 1 year old! This quiet activity book comes complete with 6 fun and educational activities, designed to help little minds and fingers master new skills.

One complete Quiet Book with a Personalized Cover and SIX (6) age appropriate activities for a 1 year old boy or girl

🌈 BABY STACKING RINGS 🌈 (Fine Motor, STEAM thinking, Learn Colors - ages 1-2)
A travel friendly take on the classic wood stacking rings this fantastic activity helps baby understand spatial awareness and build fine motor skills. Show baby how the yellow half circle transforms into a cone and plant the seeds of 3 dimentional thinking.. its a STEAM activity for babies!
HOW TO PLAY: Unsnap the elastic strap and remove stacking rings from pocket. Snap together the purple snaps on the yellow half circle to form the base stacking cone. Show baby how to place rings over the cone, starting with the largest and placing the smaller circles on top. Have fun discovering the different sizes and colors together. When you're finished playing, remove rings, unsnap cone, place rings in the pocket and snap the elastic strap shut.

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🙈 PEEK-A-BOO BABY MIRROR 🙈 (Self Awareness, Object Permanence, Fun - ages 1-2)
Watch baby delight in this rewarding lift the flap activity.. because really, what is better than playing peek a boo with a happy baby?!? More than just fun though, montessori mirror work helps baby learn about themselves, and, the world around them. The safety mirror in this page is unbreakable, and, securely contained within the felt fabric.

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🤗 SENSORY FIDGET PAGE 🤗 (Fine Motor Skills, Sensory Development, Quality Snuggle Time - ages 1-2)
Watch baby delight in discovering new textures, from the rough but shiny gold trim to the stretchy sequin elastic there are so many interesting things for baby to explore on this colorful and engaging baby quiet book page. Its the perfect quality time activity, and a great excuse to snuggle and play with baby as you talk about the differences you see.
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Every page includes a bonus activity on the back! These baby pages feature raised felt numbers and colorful dots for baby to touch and feel. Have fun learning numbers together when you count the dots with baby!

Additional Pages can be added at anytime now or in the future. Check out some of the other amazing pages we offer here: https://tinyfeats.com/collections/quiet-book-pages

❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

TinyFeats Quiet Books are Awesome because:
📚 OUR BOOK COVER - is made from firm but flexible 1/8” thick felt, making the book both durable and easier for little hands to hold. Think of it as a Felt Board Book.
⭐️ FREE PERSONALIZATION - I'll include the child’s name in beads on the cover of every busy book.
📖 INTERCHANGEABLE PAGES - Our Patent Pending binding system makes it super easy to change out pages. Periodically adding new activities will help keep your child inspired and engaged. See it in action here on our Youtube video https://youtu.be/jT_kn9RPldk
💪 HANDMADE QUALITY - I take extra care to ensure that all of my creations are made to last. From the reinforced handles to the self closing straps our quiet books are thoughtfully designed to the highest standard… making these little treasures keepsake worthy.
💝 BOOKPLATE - Forever be remembered for your thoughtful gift. Sign your name and date to make this gift a keepsake they’ll treasure forever.
🇺🇸 WE PROUDLY USE Made In America ECO-FI FELT - made from recycled water bottles this amazing fabric is both strong, and, kinder to the planet.
🚗 ✈️ 🚂 PERFECT FOR TRAVEL - This busy book will keep the kiddos entertained on long car rides, airplane trips, doctors visits and in church. It’s the perfect screen-free way to keep them occupied anytime you want (or need) their silence.

Kids grow and change so quickly, so, I created these quiet books to be just as adaptable as those little monkeys 💗. The TinyFeats Quiet Book is designed with interchangeable pages so the book can grow with your kid. Simply add a new page whenever they are ready to learn a new skill. Our ever expanding selection of pages gives you the ability to customize this activity book to meet their constantly evolving developmental needs. It’s one of the most sought after Educational Toys available today.

All of our pages are designed with age appropriate activities, thoughtfully created to develop multiple skills, simultaneously. Each page will include both simple and more complex tasks so that the child can work towards mastering a skill, independently. Based on the principles of Early Childhood Development, Montessori and Waldorf style teachings and STEAM Learning, our pages do more then just keep children quiet, they both educate and entertain.

Once you get a chance to experience our activities you’ll discover that functionality is a hallmark of our quiet book pages. There are no loose pieces, and, great care is taken to ensure that nothing will dangle from the book when it’s closed. It’s these little details that make our pages and activities truly exceptional.

Please note that great care has been taken to ensure your child’s safety, however please regularly inspect the toy to ensure all pieces are still securely fastened. Adult supervision is requiered.. and encouraged, this is fun stuff!

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