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4 to 5 Year Old Quiet Book Pages Set

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It's the toy that they wont outgrow in 15 minutes! Add in a new set of activity pages to your TinyFeats Busy Activity Book to keep them entertained as they take on new developmental challenges. BUY MORE AND SAVE This BIG BUNDLE Set includes our most popular Quiet Book Pages for 4-5 Year Olds, sold as a set of three so you save more. 
All activity pages are handmade by local Moms, and are compatible with the TinyFeats Busy Book 📒 or Box 🎁(sold separately).
This set includes:
A Tangram Puzzle, Mandala Builder, and a Kids Notepad Page 
* Green cover is optional. Activity pages can be added at anytime click here to see how https://youtu.be/gZGOHRCSN8A

Here is what you get when you order this set:
🔺TANGRAM PUZZLE Activity Page 🔺
The puzzle with a million correct solutions. Inspired by the ancient Chinese puzzle, this amazing toy teaches the foundations of geometry and mathematical concepts. It also helps kids understand spatial reasoning. Use the pieces to recreate objects you see in the world around you, or do a google search for tangram puzzle and see what other people have figured out, there are thousands of different variations! Get their creativity flowing and lay the foundation for advanced drawing skills with this fabulous quiet book activity. TEACHES: Analytical Thinking, Problem Solving, Geometry, Math, Spatial Reasoning, Beginner Art and Drawing. https://tinyfeats.com/collections/quiet-book-pages/products/tangram-quiet-book-page

One of my most unique and exciting quiet book pages, this STEAM activity is awesome on so many levels. It teaches beginner geometry and math by giving kids the opportunity to explore geometric shapes and patterns by changing the locations of the dots. It also teaches color theory as the child can explore what impact each color has on its surroundings. There is also the spiritual aspect to this page as several different religions (Budhism, Hinduism and Christianity), use circle shaped imagery to illustrate our connection to the cosmos or universe. It is thought that concentrating on a mandala creates a meditative like mindful state.. making it a perfect quiet time activity for a preschooler. https://tinyfeats.com/products/mandala-builder-quiet-book-page

✏ Kids Notebook add-on page for the TinyFeats Quiet Book. 
Practice writing, drawing, play tic tac toe, make paper airplanes.. there are so many things a kid can do with a piece of paper. This clever page includes a snap close elastic strap for the notebook and space to hold a pencil. Notebook and mechanical pencil included with the page but they may not look exactly like the one shown. There are also two learn to spell activities on the back fo the page, discover more here! https://tinyfeats.com/collections/quiet-book-pages/products/kids-notebook-page
TEACHES KIDS: Fine Motor Skills, Creativity, Drawing & Writing Skills

🗣 BONUS ACTIVITIES - the back side of the notebook page also includes both a phonics coach and traceable felt letter to help kids learn to spell. Tracing the letters' shape builds the muscles they'll need when learning to write and teaching kids the phonetic sounds of letters will help them learn how to spell! 

Activity pages can be added to any TinyFeats Busy Book at anytime click here to see how https://youtu.be/gZGOHRCSN8A

All TinyFeats products are Handmade by Canadian Moms ❤️. The truly unique TinyFeats Quiet Book pages are designed with age appropriate activities, thoughtfully created to develop multiple skills, simultaneously. Each page will include both simple and more complex tasks so that the child can work towards mastering a skill, independently. Based on the principles of Early Childhood Development, these activities are inspired by Montessori and Waldorf teachings, our quiet book pages do more then just keep children quiet, they both educate and entertain.

Once you get a chance to experience our activities you’ll discover that functionality is a hallmark of our quiet book pages. There are no loose pieces, and, great care is taken to ensure that nothing will dangle from the book when it’s closed. It’s these little details that make our pages and activities truly exceptional.

Whether you purchase a page or sew it yourself using one of our instant download ePatterns, all of our Quiet Book Covers and Quiet Book Pages work together. Start with one of our quiet book starter kits, or have a custom quiet book made for you, then add in new pages as the child grows and wants to learn new skills. 

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