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Pom-Pom Puzzler Quiet Book Page

Pom-Pom Puzzler Quiet Book Page

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Its a problem solving activity for kids! Thread the pom-pom through the maze of elastic strings. There is no “right way” to complete this activity, leaving your little one free to explore movement and and how to make the pom-pom go wherever they desire. This page is one of the best problem solving and fine motor skills activities I’ve ever seen.. and one of my favourite pages. <3

BONUS Activities too! The back of the page features a study of the letter k. Inspired by the Montessori Sandpaper Letters, this raised felt letter give the child a chance to practice tracing the shape, its practice needed for future development of handwriting skills, plus, its a sensory delight. Also includes a phonics coach with the phonetic sound, example word, and a helpful illustration.

TEACHES: Problem Solving, Fine Motor Skills

AGES: Best suited to Toddlers and Preschool aged kids (2 years old to 5 year old)

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