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About Us

Tiny Feats creator and inspirationThis is a picture of us, me (Sasha), Mark (hubby) and our two awesome kids Maya and Zen. I'm not a big fan of posting my picture online, in fact I am quite camera shy, but I feel like this is the best way to explain why I created TinyFeats.

After my daughter was born, and we got through the crazy first few months I found myself wanting to make something for her, by hand, something that no other kid in the world would have.. something special from me to her. That's when I discovered Quiet Books on Pinterest and I was hooked. I was so inspired by all the beautiful designs and fun activities that I could create for her.

SO, by the time I got around to actually making her busy book, she was starting to learn new skills and I became addicted to the sweet little look on her face when she mastered a new challenge.. seeing her face light up with pride and a genuine sense of accomplishment is something that I will hold in my heart forever. 

I think ever parent deserves the chance to see that light in their child's face, let me tell you it was a game changer for me.

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That is why I created TinyFeats, I want to create better, smarter toys for kids. Toys that give little people the opportunity to champion a new skill, to discover something amazing about how this world works, so that other parents could have that same opportunity to see what I did watching my kids play with their own quiet books. That is my inspiration and grounding for every Quiet Book and Activity Mat that we create.

In fact I will share with you my criteria for each and every TinyFeats design:

#1 - It must be fun to play with
#2 - It must be designed with age appropriate activities
#3 - It must be well made using only top quality materials
AND.. most importantly
#4 - Each task must challenge 2 or more different aspects of the child's development, so, for example, our Flower Arranging Quiet Book...
  • helps little fingers develop their fine motor skills,
  • and, learn that every color comes in different shades and tones,
  • and, give them an opportunity to explore the different shapes, sizes and textures that flowers come in  
  • and, when they are ready, they can even practice tying a bow!

I call these intelligent toys, and I think that creating smart toys for kids, creates smart kids, who grow up to create great things, and those great things combine to create a better world... but it all starts with one Tiny Feat.