Easter Gifts for Kids 2024

Let's shake things up for Easter 2024!
Say hello to our awesome collection of candy-free educational toys for kids that bring the fun, without the sugar rush. We're all about sparking curiosity and igniting those budding imaginations, so lets give them amazing Easter Gifts and fill their Easter Baskets with toys that fuel their minds instead of their bellies this year.

Easter Basket Filler Ideas

Easter Basket Filler
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Toys to Keep Kids Entertained in Church

Our felt toys are perfect to bring along to church because they keep kids engaged for long periods of time, and best of all, felt is soft and quiet if it happens to get dropped in church!
Church Toys

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Exceptional Gifts for Remarkable Kids

Our toys aren't just playthings; they're passports to adventure and discovery! We believe in learning through play, and our toys are all about that perfect balance of fun and education... so this Easter, spoil them with toys that fuel their creativity!
Easter Gifts for Kids 2024
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Let's gift our kids the joy of learning, one awesome toy at a time!

Non-Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas

If you are looking for Easter egg filler ideas that don't involve candy, here are some of our favourite, egg-citing ideas to consider:


  1. Money: Pop a few coins into their Easter eggs, money is not only exciting to receive it can also be an educational play activity in the weeks following the big day. Sit down with your child to talk about the coins and count their value, its a natural way to incorporate learning into your daily activities!
  2. Stickers: Kids adore decorating their notebooks, water bottles, and other items with fun stickers. Fill up those Easter eggs with a variety of stickers and let them get creative.
  3. Temporary tattoos: Temporary tattoos are another fun option to add to the mix. You can find Easter-themed tattoos or opt for your kid's favorite designs.
  4. Playdough: Playdough is a classic toy that never gets old. Add a small container of playdough to each Easter egg, and your kids can enjoy molding and shaping their creations.
  5. Puzzle pieces: If you want to make the Easter egg hunt more challenging, add puzzle pieces to the mix. Your kids can collect all the pieces and then work together to complete the puzzle.

With these fun non-candy Easter egg filler ideas, your kids will have a blast searching for and discovering the treasures hidden inside each egg.

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