Quiet Book for Travel

Best Quiet Book Pages for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids brings a whole new dimension to packing, not only do you need travel essentials like clothes and snacks, you also need to plan for ways to keep kids entertained enroute to your family vacation.

Although screens are a popular choice, we've got a better alternative for entertaining kids on vacation... a travel quiet book (aka busy book)

Travel quiet book

Whether you are going on a long car ride, traveling by plane, staying in a hotel or eating at restaurants be prepared to ward off a meltdown on short notice with engaging activities that keep kids happy and calm!

tinyFEATS Quiet books are the perfect travel toy, because:

  • They're filled with engaging activities that kids can immerse themselves in to happily pass the time.
  • Grab and Go - everything is neatly contained within a book that has handles so its easy to carry.
  • No need to worry about clean up time, just close the book and go, there are no loose pieces to gather up, or loose!
  • Unbreakable, soft and flexible so you dont need to worry about dropping it or squishing it in a carry on bag. It can take whatever abuse little ones throw at it, on it, or into it!

But not all quiet book activity pages are ideal for travel, so we've made a collection of the best pages for traveling with kids. How did we choose? 

These are the Best Busy Book Pages for Travel Because They're:

  • Screen Free
  • No loose parts (or at least minimal loose parts!)
  • Time Consuming!
  • Don't require a lot of space 
  • Engaging and Educational
Best Quiet Book Pages for Travel
Scroll down to see the entire collection of travel quiet book pages for kids


Pop a new set of activity pages into your tinyFEATS Quiet Book just before you leave so that the activities are exciting and fresh. You don't need to add in all new pages, just adding in a few new activities is likely to renew your child's interest in the pages that they're already familiar with. 

How do you add pages to a quiet book?

Check out this video to see how easy it is to add activity pages into your quiet book. You dont need any tools so you can even tuck an extra couple of pages into your suitcase so you can surprise them with a going home travel gift too!



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