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Introducing the CAPITAL Alphabet Letters Set


Alphabet Letters Capital Letters Set

Today I am very happy to announce that our brand new set of Capital Alphabet Letters is finally available for purchase and ready to ship now! I have received more requests for these felt letters, thank anything else, so I am thrilled to be able to share this English Alphabet Capital Letters Set with you now.

This set of Capital Alphabet Letters is the perfect compliment to our lower case alphabets set and a great way to teach kids which letters deserve an upper case letter at the beginning of the word. Like names, as shown in our Personalized Name Letters gift set shown below.

Personalized Name Letters Gift for Kids

I have also been told by several teachers that they actually prefer teaching kids the abc's with capital letters first because each capital letter has a unique shape, unlike lower case letters (ie. bdpq). So it is easier for some kids to learn the alphabet using capitals. 

Check out this short video from my friend Hanna the Literacy Tutor , she does an excellent job of explaining what I mean.

Literacy Tutor

So, what makes these felt Alphabet Upper Case Letters so awesome?

Felt letters are a great alternative to wooden abc blocks or resin letters because they are:

✅ Soft and wont damage wood surfaces like floors, or furniture.

✅ Wont break if dropped or thrown

✅  Lightweight enough to tuck into a purse or diaper bag and take-along on for educational play on the go.

✅ And best of all they can be used with our Felt Board, a colorful addition to any homeschool or playroom.

Are you ready to teach the alphabet to your kids?

Here are some fun alphabet games you can play together to help build kids early  literacy skills using the tinyFEATs Upper Case Alphabet Letters Set.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Pick a letter of the day and see how many things you can gather around the house that start with that letter sound.

A is for Apple, Ape, Abacus, Arm and Apron!

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids

Letter Matching Game for Toddlers

Using a set of simple alphabet flash cards like this Free Alphabet Flash Card download, and play a matching game with your toddler. Set out the flash cards then make it a race to match the letter shapes.

💡 For more of a challenge use lower case alphabet flash cards so your preschool or kindergarten aged child has to think about which lower case letters match the capitals!

Alphabet Matching Game for Toddlers

Sing the Alphabet Song

Using either the tinyFEATs flannel board or a large tabletop surface, sing the alphabet song together while placing the alphabets in the correct order. It starts off a little slow but ends in a flurry of giggles and fun. 
👉 TIP - separate the alphabets into 2 groups before you start to make it easier to find the a b c letters when you start

Alphabet letters for felt board

Order a set of Capital Alphabet Letters for your favourite kiddos today!

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