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Limited Edition ⭐️ Car Mat Playscape

Back by popular demand,

for a limited time only!

I am making one small batch of my much loved Toy Car Playscape just in time for Easter gift giving! 

I stopped making these because they are so time consuming and expensive to make, but I have had soooo many requests recently I decided to make a small batch, and its available for pre-order now, for a limited time!



There is only enough time to make one small batch of these Playscapes and I dont know if or when I will offer them for sale again. So if you love it, dont wait, order now! Orders placed today will be shipped out on or before April 8, 2022.

Hotwheels Cars Playscape

"Three years of love, and its still going strong!"

Amanda - Mom & tinyFEATs Collector

Did you know, this Car Mat Playscape was the very first product I made?

It looks a little different now than the original version. If you would like to see the original check out our Instagram stories here


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