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NEW Product ⭐️ Counting Numbers Busy Bag

Id like to introduce you to our newest product, a set of brightly colored thick felt counting numbers and dots in a busy bag for toddlers and preschoolers.

Counting Busy Bags

Counting Numbers Busy Bag

If you have been following us for a while you'd know that we are big fans of the Montessori method of teaching, and teaching math is no exception. Thats why we created these felt counting numbers, they are a simple and beautiful way to introduce numbers and counting to your child.

Learning to count can be a fun activity for toddlers and preschoolers, especially when you use these colorful felt digits and dots! Here are a few inspirational play ideas for you and your kids to try.

Introducing Numbers to Toddlers

Counting Numbers

Set the felt numbers out in a basket and simply let the child explore the shape. Using sensorial materials like these felt letters can help children form a deeper  understanding of what they are learning. Hands on learning is a powerful teaching tool so just let them touch and feel without any pressure to put them in the right order, that will come with time.  Giving kids the freedom to explore nurtures their curiosity, and that is a life skill they can take with them into old age!

TIP: You can also use these felt numbers instead of Montessori Sandpaper Numbers by placing the felt numbers on a non slip surface (like a place mat) and encourage the child to trace the shape with their fingers.

Learning to Count

Learning to count

The next step in a child's early mathematical education is learning to count. Using the instruction card included show the child how to match the felt numbers to the digits on the card, then place them in sequence starting with zero and ending with 9. Pairing this activity with a counting songs or rhymes is another way to make it fun and easier for toddlers to remember!

Understanding the Value of a Number

Learn to Count

This is where it gets fun! Lay out the numbers in the correct sequence on the floor, starting with 0 on the left through to 9 on the right. Using the yellow dots included in the Counting Busy Bag place the correct number of dots in a straight line below each number, counting aloud or singing as you place each dot. The counting dots are a great way to demonstrate the numbers value and gives the child a visual reference making it easier to understand the concept of value.

Teaching Odd and Even Numbers to Preschoolers

Montessori Math

The last preschool math concept I am going to share with you here is how to introduce the concept of odd and even numbers. Lay out the numbers 1 - 9 from left to right, same as above then below each number lay out the counting dots, but this time we are going to place them in pairs below each number. If a number has a pair of dots its even, if it has a dot without a pair, its an odd number. Here is a great video of a Montessori teacher explaining the odd and even numbers lesson



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