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New Product ⭐️ Felt Board

Introducing our brand new Felt Board!

Felt Flannel board for Kids

Its a flexible hanging felt activity board for toddlers and preschoolers. Pair it with our felt alphabet letter sets or felt number sets and you've got a super fun way to teach kids how to spell and count. You can even use it as a story board to illustrate books just like kindergarten teachers do!

Flannel Board for Kids

How does a felt board work?

Its like magic ✨ no adhesives are required at all, the felt pieces stick using static friction alone, no messy velcro required here! We tested and tried several different materials until we found the perfect fabric, it sticks and holds to the felt without being sticky, and the hold is absolutely amazing!

Kids Felt Board

How do you hang the felt board?

We include a set of 3m-Command™️ mini hooks so you can mount it without putting holes in your wall. You can hang this felt / flannel board from an easel or mount it directly to a wall. We recommend hanging it from a kids easel so that its portable and the slight angle provided by the easel improves functionality.

Counting Games for Kids

Felt Board Play-To-Learn Fun for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

There are so many fun things you can do with this board like teach kids the abc's, how to spell, cvc words, sight words, you can teach counting and Montessori math with our alphabet and letter sets. Shop for Educational Toys here.

Or you can create your own fun story board sets and bring your childs favourite book to life, flex your creative muscles and cut out some farm animals and a barn to re-enact the classic story "Big Red Barn" by Margaret Wise Brown (it was one of our favourites).

There are even flannel board games you can play with your little one to teach color recognition and other essential toddler skills. I was blown away by all of the fun games and songs like "Little Mouse, Little Mouse what color is your house?" included in this article of flannel board games to play with your kids

Flanel Board

These felt boards for kids are a blast and a welcome addition to any playroom that is educationally focused or Montessori inspired. Gift one to your favourite kiddos today and help spark their curiosity and lifelong love of learning.


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