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Recycling Activity for the TinyFeats Quiet Book

Teach Kids How to RecycleInspired by my toddlers nagging question.. "is this recycling?" I created the What Can I Recycle? game for the TinyFeats Quiet Books. Like all of my pages this educational activity for toddlers and preschool aged kids is a great way to teach kids the importance of recycling, and more importantly what can be recycled.

This quiet book page comes complete with 18 ivory felt disks that have pictures of various household items on the front. The child must then determine where the item should be disposed of.. in the garbage, recycling or compost. The items pictured on the disk range from milk cartons, and apple cores, to more difficult items like chip bags... did you know those can't be recycled? I learned that fun little factoid when creating this page!

All of the game pieces can either be stored in the little mesh elastic pocket at the bottom of the page, or, inside the garbage can, recycling or compost bin. Like all TinyFeats Quiet Book pages great care was taken to ensure that everything can be securely stored within the page so no pieces are lost during transport. 

Speaking of which, the quiet book that this page fits into is a FANTASTIC travel toy. All the activities are securely contained in an easy to carry book with handles. It's perfect for long journeys because you can also swap out the activities at the half way point of your trip, so the kids never get bored, and mom and dad don't have to lug around suitcase full of toys! Whether your traveling by plane or car, this portable toy is a must have when travelling with kids.

You also get a free bonus on the back of the page, inspired by the Montessori Sandpaper Letters, there is a raised felt letter i for the kids to practice tracing, in preparation for writing. Also included is a phonics activity also featuring the letter i. 

This quiet book page fits into any of the TinyFeats busy book covers, and it can be added in at any time. You can purchase an activity book cover in green, pink or blue from


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