Easter Gifts for Kids

Surprise Your Little Ones with These Egg-citing Easter Gifts for Kids in 2023!

Easter is a time of joy, spring blooms, and of course, delightful surprises for our little ones. While the traditional Easter basket filled with candy and chocolates has its appeal, why not think outside the box?

Heres are some of our most egg-citing Easter gifts for kids in 2023 that are sure to delight and inspire creativity. From budget-friendly basket stuffers to, squeal-worthy big gifts, and unique non-candy Easter egg fillers, you'll find something perfect for baby, toddler, preschool and kindergarten aged kids.

So, surprise your little ones this year with these thoughtful and fun Easter gifts that will ensure a smile on their faces long after the holiday is over.

Easter Basket Fillers Under $20

This year stuff their Easter baskets full of fun, instead of candy (well.. less candy at least)! Heres some of our favourite tinyFEATs kids toy under $20 that are just as exciting to tear into, and, don't come with a sugar crash / meltdown! From fishing games, and counting sets, and personalized name letters, you can feel good giving these toys to your favourite little girls and boys.

Easter basket fillers

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But if you're looking for something truly special to surprise your little ones this Easter, we've got you covered. Our next section features unique and thoughtful Easter gifts for kids that will make memories to last a lifetime.

Very Special Easter Gifts for Kids

If you're looking to make this Easter extra memorable for your kids, consider surprising them with a special gift that goes beyond the traditional basket fillers. Consider a personalized Quiet Book featuring their name or a Small World Play Set that caters to their interests? Whatever your child's interests may be, investing in a special Easter gift will show them just how much you care.

The tinyFEATs Quiet Books are a unique personalized gift for kids. Choose a book filled with age-appropriate activities for Baby, Toddler, Preschool or Kindergarten aged kids to gift them now, then next year you can add in new more challenging activities next year because with this clever book you can swap out the pages as the child grows!

These felt books make a particularly great Easter gift for kids because they are also a wonderful church activity for kids. The activities in these books can keep kids entertained in church for hours because they are both quiet and engaging perfect during long church services!

Easter Quiet Books

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Watching little ones play with our Small World play sets can also be a little gift to you. The stories and dialogue that children come up with during small world play are truly delightful, and a joy to watch. So sit back and enjoy the magic of open-ended play with these beautiful felt toys for toddlers, preschoolers and big kids too!

Small world play sets

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With these thoughtful gifts, your kids will surely have a memorable Easter experience. But Easter isn't all about gifts and candy, and at tinyFEATS we think that holidays are also for making memories. So lets keep the fun going, check out our some of our Mamas' favourite Easter activities for kids. 

Easter Activities for Kids

From coloring sheets to some truly creative Easter egg decorating ideas we've collected some of our favourite kids Easter activities on our Pinterest board. Not only will these fun activities keep them entertained, but it will also allow them to explore their creativity and enjoy the holiday to the fullest.

There are so many activities you can try, such as Easter egg painting or decorating, creating Easter-themed crafts like bunny masks or paper flowers, or even setting up a scavenger hunt for Easter eggs in your backyard or garden. These activities will surely bring joy and laughter to your little ones throughout the day. 

Check it out and get inspired for some Easter fun! While your there please give us a follow, we could use your support and we pin great stuff!

Kids Easter activities on Pinterest
Kids Easter Activity Ideas on Pinterest
But what to put inside those Easter eggs for the scavenger hunt? Check out our next section on non-candy Easter egg fillers for some creative ideas to surprise your kids even more.

Non-Candy Easter Egg Filler Ideas

Yes, we'd love it if you bought all of our educational toys, but we are also on a mission to support Moms through educational content and play ideas that align with our values... like teaching kids to make healthy choices.

So, here it is, if you are looking for Easter egg filler ideas that don't involve candy, these are our favourite ideas. There are plenty of fun, creative, and affordable options that your kids will love. Here are some egg-citing ideas to consider:

  1. Money: Pop a few coins into their Easter eggs, money is not only exciting to receive it can also be an educational play activity in the weeks following the big day. Sit down with your child to talk about the coins and count their value, its a natural way to incorporate learning into your daily activities!
  2. Stickers: Kids adore decorating their notebooks, water bottles, and other items with fun stickers. Fill up those Easter eggs with a variety of stickers and let them get creative.
  3. Temporary tattoos: Temporary tattoos are another fun option to add to the mix. You can find Easter-themed tattoos or opt for your kid's favorite designs.
  4. Playdough: Playdough is a classic toy that never gets old. Add a small container of playdough to each Easter egg, and your kids can enjoy molding and shaping their creations.
  5. Puzzle pieces: If you want to make the Easter egg hunt more challenging, add puzzle pieces to the mix. Your kids can collect all the pieces and then work together to complete the puzzle.

With these fun non-candy Easter egg filler ideas, your kids will have a blast searching for and discovering the treasures hidden inside each egg.

In conclusion, this Easter, surprise your little ones with unique and egg-citing gifts that go beyond the usual candy-filled basket. Our list of Easter gifts for kids in 2023 includes affordable basket stuffers, special gifts, fun activities, and non-candy egg fillers that your kids will love. Remember, these gifts are not only thoughtful but also long-lasting, ensuring your child's enjoyment beyond Easter.

Don't miss the opportunity to make this Easter memorable for your little ones.

Hoppy Easter!

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