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Teaching the Alphabet with Deconstructed Alphabet Parts

Learning the alphabet is a big task for kids, there are a lot of shapes and sounds to remember. So we came up with this fun new way for teaching kids the alphabet, using deconstructed alphabet parts!

Instead of having to rely on memory, children can use this set of parts to form each letters shape, both capital and lower case letters. Its like a loose parts alphabet puzzle!

Teaching the alphabet using this unique tool very specifically targets visual discrimination and letter formation. With this set of parts, kids are not just memorizing what a letter looks like but are having to manifest it on their own from memory or copy it from a model.

It's a wonderful way to get their young minds working, plus, its a great fine motor skills activity too, because getting those shapes in the right spot requires dexterity and accuracy.. which can be a challenge for pudgy little hands.

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3 Fun Ways to Teach the Alphabet Using Deconstructed Parts

There are lots of fun ways for kids to play with this busy bag 'o parts, here are some of my favourite activities.

Flash Cards and Deconstructed Alphabet Parts

Download a free set of alphabet flash cards here, and lay them in a stack from a-z, Montessori style on a tray like this is awesome. Encourage the child to use the parts to recreate the letter you see on the flash cards. You can also practice making the sound and make a game thinking of all the words you can that start with the letters sound.

Montessori Letter formation activity

Felt Letters and Alphabet Parts on a Felt Board

Using a Felt Board mounted on the wall or an easel, then one at a time place the felt letters a-z on the board and ask the child to recreate the shape. Working on a vertical surface adds another challenge to the task and helps kids build the wrist muscles they'll need for future writing skills. To learn more about the benefits of vertical play check out this article.

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Freestyle Creative Alphabet Shapes Play

One day my son was 'helping' me in my office and when I looked over, he had used these felt parts to create this little person holding a magnifying glass! If given the opportunity kids can get really creative with their play and there is a ton of educational value in freestyle creative play.

For this activity just lay out the parts and start building shapes, it wont be long before your little one dives in and starts creating on their own!

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 If you think your child would benefit from educational play like this, order a set of Deconstructed Alphabet parts for your little one today. You can order just a set of parts, or, add a felt board and alphabet letters set to get free shipping!



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