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The New and Improved TinyFeats Quiet Book Pages

If you've had the pleasure of experiencing a TinyFeats Quiet Book then you are probably familiar with the classic style with the soft felt ivory background.. this traditional quiet book page design has served us well until now.

But one day I started to wonder if I could do better... if there was a way to make the pages more colorful, and durable, I wanted to make them stronger so that I could do cooler things with them... like create 3D pages, and build structures.. yup, I have big dreams!

So it turns out, I DID find a way to make these pages even better, and, it's pretty incredible.

Can I take you on a tour of all the exciting new features?

First off, the page itself is completely new, it is now entirely made from a thicker 3mm (1/8") felt which, as you can see from the picture below, provides a more stable base. This added stability makes the pages more durable, and, it also makes the binding system stronger, and prettier in my opinion!


The other big advantage is that now I can include fun things on the back of the page too, like these awesome phonics activities AND raised felt letters inspired by the Montessori sandpaper letters. Each page features a different letter and includes what I am calling a phonics coach, a colorful circle containing a word that starts with the featured letter, plus, an illustration depicting the word and also the phonetic sound of the letter.


The raised felt letter gives kids the opportunity to practice tracing the letter with their fingers, this practice prepares their muscles for the later activity of writing. Its a fun way to develop those fine motor skills.

The other BIG WIN for this new page style is that I can bring in more color which is a big draw for kids. If you've ever let a child pick out their own outfit you understand how important bright color is to kids. Being able to make the pages more colourful has made these already popular pages even more appealing to kids... see for yourself, everytime I place both a new and old style page in front of a kid, they ALWAYS go straight for the new, more colorful activity.

So now, thanks to this new page design, not only get a quiet book that is more appealing to kids, you also get an amazing activity on the front, plus, the back of page BONUS that I am proud to say no one else is offering.

That is the TinyFeats difference, and thanks to your overwhelming support I am happy to say that these new pages are already a big hit, and there are more coming soon!

PS. If you already have TinyFeats quiet book that you love, you'll be happy to know that these awesome new pages will fit into your existing book!

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