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Unique Gifts for Kids


Unique Gifts for Kids

Looking for unique gifts for kids that are fun, educational, and irresistible to kids? You are in the right place!

At tinyFEATs, we pride ourselves in making quality toys for smart kids, because we believe that children love learning, especially when its fun! Thats why we make educational toys that are skills focused, colorful and engaging. Kids just can't wait to get their hands on these toys, and master a new skill!

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Not only are tinyFEATs toys actually made by Moms, we specifically design them to be travel friendly and functional for modern families on the go. Thats why these toys are such big hit with savvy mamas and kiddos alike.

From our minimalist toy designs, to our obsession with functional toy storage solutions, once you experience the joy of owning a tinyFEATs toy, you may just want to buy them all! 

We've got amazing gift ideas for babies, toddlers, and kids up to 7 years old. So, whether you're shopping for a birthday gift, holiday present, or a just because I love you gift, you can feel good knowing that you're giving a gift that will have a positive impact on that child's development.

Let's find the best gifts for your favourite little girls and boys!

Unique Baby Gift Ideas

Baby Toys 

Give baby an unforgettable keepsake gift that they can love both now, and, for years to come. The tinyFEATs Quiet Books are filled with Montessori inspired sensory activities designed to stimulate babys' senses and nurture their curiosity.

Then as they grow, add in new, more challenging activities because this book is designed with interchangeable pages so it can grow with the child. Send them new pages for any special occasion like a birthday gift, Valentines Day, Easter, Christmas or as a special treat to keep them entertained on vacations!



Toddler Gifts

Toddler Gifts

Busy toddlers are on a mission to discover all they can about this amazing new world. Give them a gift that will spark their curiosity and desire to take on a new challenge. 

Whether its a set of Alphabet letters, Snap Links, a Felt Board or a Toddler Quiet Book our toddler toys are built to stand up to whatever your 2 - 3 year old can throw at (or on it). Made from durable, colorful felt most of these toys are stain resistant and washable so you can take them with you wherever you go. 

Give them a gift thats sure to make them squeal with delight!


Gifts for Kids 3 Years Old and Up

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Nurture their love for learning by giving them a gift that can help them develop new skills like how to count, teach them the abc's or help them develop fine motor skills

Preschool aged kids learn new skills at an amazing speed so gifting them educational toys like this felt board with letters or numbers is not only practical but a gift thats enthusiastically adored by kids and parents alike. 



tinyFEATs educational toys are a great investment in a child's development and a wonderful gift to give your favorite kiddo. These colorful and engaging toys offer so many benefits like inspiring a love for learning, developing creativity, supporting cognitive development, or fostering independence, but most importantly they are super-fun!


So, the next time you're searching for the perfect gift for a child, consider investing in a quality educational toy made by tinyFEATs. Not only is your gift sure to be a big hit, you can feel good knowing you have also supported a small business that truly cares about creating quality toys to help this next generation to thrive!


Thank you for reading and happy gift giving! If you need help finding the perfect gift you can also send us a message, at happiness@tinyfeats.com , we are happy to offer suggestions and help you find a gift that they are sure to love!
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