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🎓 Help teach kids life skills, Montessori style!
🌱 Made with safe, non toxic OKEO-TEX™️ certified felt 
🙌 Minimalist designs pack a ton of fun into a very small space
🚗 Perfect for travel 
🌈 Bright colorful designs that are irresistible to kids!

    We are a community of Mom's passionate about making quality educational toys for kids. We source felt made from recycled pop bottles so our toys are sustainable, and everything we sew is made right here by a team of talented moms by day, and seamstresses by night (or nap time!). 

    women owned responsible small business

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    fine motor skills toys
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     Fine Motor Skills Toys

    "My students love these links, the are just perfect in every way."
    Kindergaren teacher
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    Literacy Toys

    "My son was having a hard time remembering his letters so we started using these felt letters and singing the abc's song. Yesterday I caught him doing it all on his own. Great find"
    Mom & tinyFEATS fan
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    Quiet Books 

    "I got this busy book for my daughter to play with on the plane and she loved it, she played with it for the majority of the 7 hour plane ride and also in the hotel, and restaurants too. Perfect toy for traveling."

    Mom & tinyFEATS fan
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    Small World Play Sets

    "In a world of too much noise and electronics competing for kids attention, its refreshing to find a toy that just lets them play naturally."


    Grandma & 

    Retired Preschool Teacher


    When it comes to toys,
    we believe its better to invest in good quality toys,
    that are both fun, and functional.

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