How to Install Your tinyFEATs Felt Board

Heres a quick little video showing how to install your tinyFEATs felt board onto a wall or easel using the mounting kid included in the package when you purchase a felt board.

Tips for Successfully Installing your new tinyFEATs Felt Board

1. Stretch the felt board as wide as comfortably possible before sticking the hooks to the wall (or easel) to ensure the felt board lays flat. If you don't get it tight enough, the board will form an arch and the letters you apply to the face will not stick as well.

2. If you are installing it on a wall choose a spot where the entire back of the felt board will come in contact with the wall. If you install it off of a shelf the felt board will move with use causing the felt letters, numbers or shapes to fall off.

3. Make sure your wall is clean before applying the hooks. Wipe the surface clean with an alcohol wipe before sticking the hooks to the wall.

4. We include two 3M™️ Command™️ Clear Decorating Clips in the package, if you require more, these are the correct replacement clips  hooks. There are several different styles so be sure to select the Decorating Clips (the are not called hooks even though they are hook shaped!)

Or, you can purchase a replacement mounting kit here: