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Printable Alphabet Letters

Download these Free Printable Alphabet Letter Flash Cards and watch your toddler or preschooler dive into in early literacy play. There are so many fun, educational activities you can do with the delightfully simple alphabet letter cards included in this pdf download. 

Print off a set today and save them for a quick and easy rainy day activity for kids!

Free Alphabet Flash Cards


Here are some of our favourite play-to-learn activities for teaching kids the abc's:

Letter Sorting Activities

Like this preschool letter matching game for toddlers using the free printable alphabet letters and these adorable felt alphabet letters
Letter Sorting Activities

Sensory Activities

What 3 year old wouldn't love to play with this rice (or salt) letter tray?
Letter tray Sensory Activities

Letter Recognition + Fine Motor Activity

Pair these printable letters with pom poms and kids tweezers for a fine motor activity that's irresistible to 3 - 4 year olds
Printable Alphabet Letters

CVC Word Games

Use the printable alphabet letters to teach cvc words
learn to spell
They're also a great way to teach kids how to spell when paired with the tinyfeats exclusive felt alphabet letters set
cvc words
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