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Color Matching Quiet Book Page

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  • Fine Motor Skills Activity for Pincer Grip Development
  • Kids Tweezers and LOTS of Pom Poms Includes
  • Help Kids build Dexterity and Coordination
  • Ages 2- 6 year olds 
  • Letter on Back of Page: Cc for Color
  • Designed exclusively for the tinyFEATS Quiet Book
  • Handmade with ♥️

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How to Add a New Page Into Your Quiet Book

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gail Schiller
Can't wait to see this unwrapped

Can't wait to see this unwrapped

Over and over again!

My son has not stopped playing with this page since I gave it to him, he will sit and sort those pom poms over and over again, its so cute.
As a Montessori preschool teacher I highly recommend this page for any kid over 2 years old.

Gregory Schuster
Excellent skill and teaching product.I wat...

Excellent skill and teaching product.I watched our oldest granddaughter (3 years old) use the tweezers and enjoyed her progress.👍

Meixian Fritsch
This is my second time to shop at TinyFeat...

This is my second time to shop at TinyFeat and Sasha doesn't disappoint. There were some minor glitch in my order with missing pompoms (Color Match tweezer page) and a couple upside down numbers below the digit flap page (Lift Flap game). When the issues were brought to her attention, she didn't hesitate to make it right by sending me replacement pompoms and two new activity pages. She definitely stands behind her work and I'm so grateful to find this gem!