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ePattern - Peek a Boo Mirror Quiet Book Page Sewing Pattern

ePattern - Peek a Boo Mirror Quiet Book Page Sewing Pattern

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Make your own Peek a Boo Mirror Baby Busy Book Page for the TinyFeats Quiet Book!

How to Sew your Own DIY Busy Book Tutorial and Instructions.
This instant download ePattern includes:

⭐️ detailed easy to follow step-by-step instructions written in English
⭐️ high resolution images make it easy to follow along
⭐️ full scale, printable pattern pieces
⭐️ detailed materials list for easy shopping
⭐️ instant download pdf prints from any printer!

BONUS #1 - Includes instructions for the freezer paper method.. it makes cutting easier, faster and way more accurate.

BONUS #2 - a full page of pro tips specific to this pattern. Its a thoughtful addition to ensure that your project is a smashing success!

Finished page measures 8 1/2" x 9
Skills Required: Just a passion for making things as this pattern includes instructions for both a sew and no sew version.

Whether you sew it all yourself or buy one of our ready made items ALL Tinyfeats products are compatible. So you can purchase a cover and sew your own pages, or buy pages for a book you've sewn. As long as you follow the pattern everything is interchangeable. It's the freedom to sew ONLY when you have time, or the desire too. Buy it, sew it.. the choice is yours! 


🙈🙉Peek a Boo Mirror for Baby

Watch baby delight in this rewarding lift the flap activity.. because really, what is better than playing peek a boo with a happy baby?!? More than just fun though, montessori mirror work helps baby learn about themselves, and, the world around them. The safety mirror in this page is unbreakable, and, securely contained within the felt fabric.

BONUS Activities too! The back of the page features the number 1 with a bright yellow star. Show baby how you form the number by tracing the raised felt digit it with your own fingers. It won't be long before they're practicing on their own.

TEACHES: Learn Numbers, Self Awareness, Object Permanence, Fun

AGES: Baby 6 months to 18 months

*Busy Book Cover Pattern NOT included in this listing* but you can get it here:

You can also purchase a sewing kit for this page, kits include all of the precut pieces you'll need to make this quiet book page. You can find all of the Ready to Sew Kits that we offer Here:

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