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iSpy Seek and Find Game Quiet Book Page

  • $ 19.99 USD

About the iSpy BUSY BOOK PAGE for the TinyFeats Quiet Activity Book
TEACHES: Sensory Play, Concentration and Focus
AGES: Toddler and Preschool

⭐️ ACTIVITY 1 (front of page) ⭐️ 
Shake the page then try and find the rainbow colored star beads in the window. Start with the red star, and when you find it, move the marker bead through the orange elastic. Repeat with all of the colors of the rainbow. Inspired by the awesome iSPY (a.k.a. eye spy), this fun and challenging game helps refine a kids sense of perception, and concentration skills. Available in easy and difficult options.

⭐️ ACTIVITY 2 (back of page bonus) ⭐️ 
Features the letter s. Inspired by the Montessori Sandpaper Letters, this raised felt letter give the child a chance to practice tracing the shape, its practice needed for future development of handwriting skills, plus, its a sensory delight. Also includes a phonics coach with the phonetic sound, example word, and a helpful illustration.

The truly unique TinyFeats Quiet Book pages are designed with age appropriate activities, thoughtfully created to develop multiple skills, simultaneously. Each page will include both simple and more complex tasks so that the child can work towards mastering a skill, independently. Based on the principles of Early Childhood Development, these activities are inspired by Montessori and Waldorf teachings, our quiet book pages do more then just keep children quiet, they both educate and entertain.

Once you get a chance to experience our activities you’ll discover that functionality is a hallmark of our quiet book pages. There are no loose pieces, and, great care is taken to ensure that nothing will dangle from the book when it’s closed. It’s these little details that make our pages and activities truly exceptional.

Whether you purchase a page or sew it yourself using one of our instant download ePatterns, all of our Quiet Book Covers and Quiet Book Pages work together. Start with one of our quiet book starter kits, or have a custom quiet book made for you, then add in new pages as the child grows and wants to learn new skills. 

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