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Mandala Builder Loose Parts Quiet Book Page

Mandala Builder Loose Parts Quiet Book Page

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One of my most unique and exciting quiet book pages, this STEAM activity is awesome on so many levels. It teaches beginner geometry and math by giving kids the opportunity to explore geometric shapes and patterns by changing the locations of the dots. Pattern sequencing is also a concept that they will start to learn at kindergarten. This unique page also teaches color theory as the child can explore what impact each color has on its surroundings. Plus, it is thought that concentrating on a mandala creates a meditative like mindful state.. making it a perfect quiet time activity for a high energy kid!

HOW TO PLAY: Remove the shapes from the pocket on the back of the page. Choose which colored dots you'd like to create with. Tuck each between the layers of the Mandala form on the front of the page to form patterns. Insert half or more of the dot between the stacked felt circles on the front of the page to ensure that they stay safely secured within the page during transport.

BACK OF PAGE - An elastic storage pocket expands to contain all of the colorful felt dots, and lays flat when it's empty. The pocket is designed with the opening facing towards the center fold of the book so that even if a dot happens to escape the circle it will still be contained in the book. This side entry pocket opening also makes it easier for little hands to reach into.

TEACHES: Analytical Thinking, Geometry, Color Theory, Mindfulness, Concentration, Pattern Recognition

AGES: Preschool 4 - 6

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