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ePattern - Wooly Sheep - Quiet Book Page

ePattern - Wooly Sheep - Quiet Book Page

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Make your own adorable Wooly Sheep Quiet Book Page!

This instant download ePattern includes:

  • both a no-sew and a sewn option
  • detailed easy to follow step-by-step instructions 
  • high resolution images make it easy to follow along
  • full scale, printable pattern pieces
  • detailed materials list for easy shopping
  • instant download pdf prints from any printer!

BONUS #1 - Includes instructions for the freezer paper method.. it makes cutting easier, faster and way more accurate.

BONUS #2 - a full page of pro tips specific to this pattern. Its a thoughtful addition to ensure that your project is a smashing success!


The Wooly Sheep Quiet Book Page is a sensory delight for babies, the soft fuzzy sheep is fun to squish and pet. Plus it's a quality play-time activity when you talk to baby about the sheep and the trees, grass and farm that this adorable little lamb lives on.

AGE: Babies age 8 - 18 months

SKILLS: Fine motor, Sensory Toy

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