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Quality Toys for Children

 Quality is the foundation our educational toys are built on.

From the felt we use to the play-to-learn activities, our educational toys were made to be loved, and handled by children.

✅ OKEO-TEX® Certified felt

✅ Minimal loose parts

✅ Reusable Packaging

✅ Age appropriate activities

✅ Designed to promote independent play

Recycled Felt

The thick colorful felt we use to make our quiet books and most of the educational toys is actually made from recycled bottles! This unique fibre is not only an environmentally friendly it also brings a rigidity to the felt unlike most other felt fabrics. Thats why we use it for our alphabet letter and number sets, it has all of the touchy feely qualities that you would expect from felt, but it also has this amazing ability to hold its shape so no matter how a child manipulates it, the felt will just pop back into shape, like nothing happened.

Its also washable AND stain resistant too! Making it the perfect choice for a childrens toy, wouldn't you agree?! In fact, check out what these kids did to a quiet book, and watch till the end, you'll be amazed at how it looks after being washed.

OKEO-TEX Standard 100 Certified

It gets even better, that thick glorious felt we use for most of our products has been  certified OKEO-TEX Standard 100 Product level A, that is a certification for textiles that have been tested against 1,000 known harmful substances and it sets the benchmark for textile safety. Meaning that the felt we use for most of our products is certified harmless to human health.

Pretty awesome, isnt it! 

Minimal Loose Parts

I am certain you have better things to do with your time than track down missing parts. Because I am a mom too, try to I minimize the use of loose parts, particularly in toys that can be used for travel.

There are a few exceptions of course, like our Mandala Builder, or Color Match Tweezers Quiet Book Page, where the benefit of the loose parts is essential to the activity, however, if there are loose parts to the activity I try and make sure that they are either easily replaceable (like pom poms) or I include a few extra pieces just in case some get misplaced, like with our Counting Set.

Minimal loose parts are one of the hallmarks our our quiet books though, because they are so often used for travel. Activity pages like the Toddler Shapes Puzzle have tethered pieces so they cant be separated from the book and none of our Baby Quiet Book Pages have any loose parts for obvious safety reasons!

Shapes Puzzle Activity for Toddler Quiet Book

Age Appropriate Learning Activities for Young Kids

Choosing age-appropriate toys is about empowering kids to take on a challenge and is essential for their cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development as well as bring joy and laughter to playtime. 

The right toys, given at the right time can help build the childs confidence, support learning, nurture creativity, promote problem solving skills and of course ensure the childs safety. Wheras the opposite is true if you give a child a toy too early, they may become discouraged and frustrated, hindering their willingness to try new things.

Thats why we make our Quiet Books with removable pages, so that you can add in new activity pages whenever they are ready to master a new skill. Or, if a child isn't ready for the activity yet, you can just pop it out for now, and replace it in a few months when it is a better fit for their current skill level. You can learn more about our proprietary quiet book binding system here.

Quiet Books with Removable Pages

Independent Play

One of the most beautiful things in the world is watching a young child play, it brings me to tears often (job hazard for a toy manufacturer!). I love sitting back and watching their facial expressions, hearing their little stories or if you are really lucky, a song. I believe it was Maria Montessori that said, "Play is the work of a child", and I believe that to be so true.

Play is more than simply fun, it is a child's way of making sense of their world, developing language, figuring out social nuances, building muscles, fostering creativity, solving problems.. there is a lot going on in a childs mind while they play. 

The toys we make are meant to be child led, no instructions needed, (supervision yes, instruction no). So you can just sit back and enjoy a little peek into the innocence and beauty of natural play. I find this most often with our Small World Play Sets, get your camera ready, because some of the most delightful moments come out of playing with one of our playscapes!

Fairy Garden Small World Play Set

Reusable Packaging

Toy storage is a pain point for most parents and teachers alike. From toy rotations to travel activities, toys that are designed with built in storage solutions are a welcome sight for calm seeking adults and a great way to teach kids how to care for their belongings.

Magnetic Fishing Game with See-Through Storage Bag


That is why we include either a reusable storage bags with all of our tinyFEATs educational toys, or, the storage solution is built right into the toy, like our best selling, travel friendly Toy Car Playscape with built in storage for 3 cars.

Toy Car Play Mat for Hotwheels Cars

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about how we make our best selling educational toys for kids. As you can see, we've put a lot of thought and love into our unique toy designs so that you, and your favorite kids can experience the joy of quality childrens toys and feel good giving these toys as a special gift for a lucky girl or boy.


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